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​Cherry Blossom Cruise (Ridesharing Suijinmaru, Yakatabune with Private Observation Deck)

Experience the paradise above water with cherry blossoms dancing around while enjoying a Spring Feast on the Cherry Blossom Cruise.

"Cherry Blossom Cruise" is a popular cherry blossom viewing cruise where you can enjoy approximately 250 cherry blossom trees. This particular cruise is available for a limited time, a famous Tokyo tourist spot.

The cherry blossom tunnel that blankets the sightseeing boat is a recommended Tokyo attraction that can only be enjoyed during spring. The course starts from Akihabara on the Kanda River, taking you to various cherry blossom viewing spots. Finally, it enters the Sumida River and returns to the starting point in Akihabara.

Please savor the breathtaking cherry blossom views right before your eyes that can only be seen from the sightseeing boat.


Departure from Akihabara / Izumibashi,Asakusabashi, Shinagawa, Ryogoku, Azumabashi, Hamamatsucho

[Price Estimate]

For ridesharing, 4,000 yen (including tax)
For private charters, 9,000 – 18,000 yen (including tax)

*For the details of the prices, please feel free to inquire..

[Contact Information]  

ThreeX Travel Co., Ltd.

Phone: 03-3861-0635 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)




  • March 28 (Thursday)

  • March 29 (Friday)

  • March 30 (Saturday)

  • March 31 (Sunday)

  • April 1 (Monday)


[Ridesharing for Suijinmaru and Yakatabune]
[Sample Course (70 min)]
・Departure from Izumibashi
▶ Around Tsukiji Ohashi (Tokyo Tower) ▶ Around Sakurabashi (Skytree) ▶ Return to Izumibashi


[Sample Course (90 min)]
・ Departure from Izumibashi ▶ Hijiribashi ▶ Ochanomizubashi ▶ Suidobashi ▶ Hitotsubashi ▶ Tokiwabashi ▶ Nihonbashi ▶ Toyomibashi ▶ Eitaibashi ▶ Kiyosubashi ▶ Shindaibashi ▶ Ryogokubashi ▶ Arrive at Izumibashi

[Yakatabune with private observation deck]
[Sample Course (2.5 hr)]
Departure from Shinagawa ▶Around Odaiba (Rainbow Bridge)▶Around Sakurabashi (Skytree) ▶Return to Shinagawa


[Sample meal plan]
・two small appetizers, assorted appetizers, sliced raw fish, grilled dish, fried dish, main course, soup, pickles, dessert 


[Sample drinks] 
・beer, whiskey, Japanese shochu, sake, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, etc.



Reservations for shared rides are available for groups of 2 or more.

For private charters, reservations are available for groups of 20 or more.


For ridesharing, no meals will be provided. 
For ridesharing, children under school age are not allowed to join.
In case of inclement weather, the departure may be cancelled.
The course may be changed depending on the water level. Please refer to the cancellation policy for details.
PLEASE BE ON TIME and gather at the boarding location 15 minutes before the departure time

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