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Privacy Policy

Watato Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and acknowledges its social responsibility. The company handles personal information with utmost care and strictly manages the information entrusted to it. The company acquires personal information with clear objectives and only does so within the scope of the objectives.


The use of personal information is confined within the specified objectives, and the company does not engage in unauthorized use. Rules regarding the handling of personal information are established clearly and are thoroughly communicated to employees. To prevent leakage, loss, or other risks associated with personal information, necessary measures will be taken in accordance with appropriate management.


Personal information obtained through this website will be used to respond to inquiries. As this website is jointly operated by Three Cross Travel Co., Ltd., the personal information provided may be handled and used by both companies. Except as mentioned above, personal information will not be provided to third parties without consent.


To facilitate the business, the company may outsource certain tasks to external entities. In such cases, contracts regarding the handling of personal information will be established with the related parties to ensure proper protection.


Furthermore, the company may provide the personal information to third parties only under the following circumstances:


  1. when consent has been received,

  2. when disclosure or provision of information is requested by judicial or administrative authorities based on legal requirements,

  3. when succession of the business occurs for reasons such as merging and splitting of the company, business transfers and others,

  4. when it is difficult to obtain the consent, despite the need to protect one's life, body, or property,

  5. when disclosing statistical data, provided that the individual involved cannot be identified,

  6. when the process of obtaining consent hinders the execution of tasks which are established based on the laws of national or local public entities,

  7. in any other case as long as it is permitted by law or based on legitimate reasons.


One has the right to be notified of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and cessation of use regarding their personal information, as well as cessation of providing it to third parties (except where specified by law).


If there are any inquiries about the rights mentioned above, please reach out to the company through the contact information provided.


The provision of personal information to the operator of this website is voluntary. However, failure to provide personal information may result in the inability to fulfill the stated purposes mentioned above. The company does not acquire personal information through methods that are not easily recognizable.


Please proceed with your application only if you agree to the above terms.


(enacted on March 1, 2023)
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