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Announcement: Est LiLas Travel Official Website Now Open


"We are pleased to announce the release of the Est LiLas Travel website, where you can explore Japanese traditional culture through a variety of programs.

Our experience plans include popular activities among foreign travelers such as calligraphy and tea ceremonies, as well as opportunities to experience Japanese culture like 'Iaido' (Japanese swordsmanship).

Our tours are not limited to popular cities like Tokyo and Asakusa but also include plans that let you experience the city of Fujiyoshida, famous for Mount Fuji. While immersing yourself in local culture and exploring fascinating spots in Japan (Asakusa, Tokyo, Akihabara, Fujiyoshida, and more), we plan to keep you updated with the latest information.


One of our specialties at Est LiLas Travel is the 'Yakatabune' (traditional Japanese houseboat) plan. We are currently preparing plans for cherry blossom viewing from the Yakatabune in spring and fireworks along the Sumida River and Odaiba in summer.


To ensure your comfortable and fulfilling travel experience while immersing yourself in Japanese culture, we also offer the option of guided tours by experts . As a side note, we are also planning guided tours led by anime voice actors.


Est LiLasTravel provides a wide range of tour plans tailored to your travel style, from individual trips to group tours, including customized tours and group travel discount plans. You can check tour details online and make reservations via email or phone.


If you have any inquiries or are interested in our experience tours, please feel free to contact us.


Est LiLas Travel Division


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