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Yokohama Factory Night Cruise (Sightseeing Boat)

Experience the enchanting night illumination of the 'Keihin Industrial Zone' on a cruise! Our famous captain will guide you to the 'Top 10 Photography Spots' on board, providing explanations along the way.


Embarkation at Yokohama - Osanbashi Pier

[Fare Estimate]

For private charters, 130,000 yen (including tax)/boat
*For the details of the prices, please feel free to inquire.


[Contact Information]

Company: Three Cross Travel Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03-3861-0635 (9:0
0 AM - 5:00 PM)

[Sample Course]

boarding at Asakusabashi ▶Yokohama‐boarding at Osanbashi▶[ Keihin Industrial Zone - Factory Night View Sightseeing Cruise]▶arriving at Yokohama-Osanbashi 


About 90minutes


Capacity of the boat - 40 passengers


Meals are not included.
Children under school age are not allowed to join.
In case of inclement weather, the departure may be canceled.
The course may be changed depending on the water level. Please refer to the cancellation policy for details.
PLEASE BE ON TIME and gather at the boarding location 15 minutes before the departure time.

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