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What is Est LiLas?

We offer a fantastic journey in Tokyo that maximizes the city's charm through in-depth explanations by expert guides and customizable tours. There are various services that we provide with Yakatabune (traditional Japanese houseboats) and charter boats,that cruise along Kanda River, Nihonbashi River, and Sumida River, taking you to enjoy the view of unique bridges along the way, the stone walls at the moat of Edo Castle, Odaiba, and many others. On Yakatabune, we provide Makunouchi Bento (Japanese traditional boxed meal) and Japanese cuisines. We also provide the latest tourist information about unique spots and events so you can have unforgettable adventures in Tokyo.


Enjoy Japanese cuisine while cruising on a houseboat.

Experiencing Japanese cuisine on a houseboat is a luxurious moment to savor traditional dishes amidst stunning scenery. The ambiance of Edo period onboard reflects a sense of tradition and tranquility, allowing you to immerse yourself in Japan's heritage and charm.
In addition to the classic tempura, some plans come with reasonable Japanese bentos, and others include snacks and tea. We also have plans that include fish filleting shows, and sushi chefs crafting sushi right before your eyes, to give you a fulfilling and enriching experience on the boat.

You can customize the cruising tour with your family or in groups to fully appreciate Tokyo's beautiful landscapes and river flow. We will accommodate your needs and help you customize your plans which may include visiting popular and instagram-worthy places. Guided tours are also used for company meetings and staff training. We offer reasonable to luxurious services that come with Japanese bentos.  


Let's go watch Japanese fireworks from a houseboat.

In summer, fireworks festivals are held in many different places of Tokyo. Enjoying Tokyo’s fireworks along the riverside feels almost like a dream.
The "Sumida River Fireworks Festival" is a fireworks festival in Tokyo known for its tradition and prestige. Approximately 20,000 fireworks light up the sky, and every year, over 900,000 spectators gather to witness this spectacle.
The Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks Festival will be resumed from the 2023 winter. It will take place in Odaiba, where the air is clear and the nighttime scenery is exceptionally beautiful. The festival will be held every Saturday in December (except December 30), creating a fantastic atmosphere with Christmas illuminations in Odaiba while featuring around 1,100 fireworks each day. On December 23 (Saturday), there is also a music synchronized fireworks display.
The beauty of fireworks viewed from the water is a perfect depiction of Japanese tradition. Fireworks launched into the sky of Tokyo during nighttime in both summer and winter enchant the hearts of people from all over the world, adding a touch of fantasy to the metropolis' night sky.


Let's go see Japan's cherry blossoms on a Yakatabune or charter boat! 

Enjoying the view of cherry blossoms from the water can give you a memorable experience and leave a lasting impression on you, regardless of where you come from. Viewing rows and rows of cherry trees from a boat is a one-of-a-kind beautiful moment, especially when the flowers fall and create a sakura blizzard on the water's surface as the boat moves along. 

With the Yakatabune, we will take you to see the cherry blossoms near Tsukuda River City area and along Sumida River. You can also enjoy the view of cherry trees in rows in Sumida Park upstream. The Tokyo Skytree, standing behind the cherry blossoms in Sumida Park, is such an impressive sight too. If the weather is good, we can take you to an Instagram-worthy spot where you can see what’s known as “double-Skytree” – Tokyo Skytree itself and its reflection on the Asahi Beer Headquarters building – creating a futuristic and beautiful landscape during the cherry season.