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Operating Company:

Three Cross Travel Co., Ltd.


  1. Domestic travel services based on the Travel Agency Act

  2. Travel operating businesses including domestic travel-planning and arrangement services, based on the Travel Agency Act

  3. Provision of tourist information, planning/operation of tours.

  4. Agency for domestic and international transportation companies, consigned freight forwarding services, consigned freight transportation services, motor truck transportation services and others

  5. Consignment sales of tickets and coupons for ships, buses, taxis, etc.

  6. Provision of information on travel, tourism, culture, and nature, as well as consultation for holding seminars and related services.

  7. Planning, implementation, and contracting services for domestic and international conferences and events.

  8. Planning of weddings and receptions, venue arrangement, and consultation for related services.

Based primarily in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we provide tourism services for regions such as Yamanashi Prefecture and Yokohama. We provide travel-planning services tailored to customer needs, based on their destination, itinerary, and mode of transportation.


What’s particularly noteworthy is our expertise in waterfront tourism in Tokyo, which involves houseboats and chartered ships. We also excel in tourism for the Mount Fuji area, where we provide accommodation and taxi services through affiliated companies.


We have staff of Chinese and Asian descent and are ready to receive any inquiries and consultations in regard to inbound tourism.

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